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Final Assembly and Testing

Final Assembly

Doltronics will provide you with final assembly processing for small or large quantity runs of your electronic product. Whether it is a custom PCB design, cable assembly, or a complete box build, we can assemble and test your complete product. If desired, we can assemble, package and ship the final product directly to your customers! Other clients require that their sub-assemblies be shipped back to them for completion or final integration into their systems. Either way we are here to support you in whatever manner you require.

Functional testing
Functional testing emulates actual product operation as designed. Functional tests are usually conducted using calibrated test equipment or custom designed test fixtures. Test fixtures and test plans can be provided by the customer or designed and devloped by Doltronics. Functional testing is more effective than in-circuit testing, requires less tooling capital and is ideal for smaller production runs.
In-Circuit Testing

In-circuit testing uses large capacity, generic test systems that are programmed to test selected circuits or nodes on a printed circuit board. The tester is connected to the circuit board using multiple test leads or a custom interface fixture. Software in the tester is programmed to measure the expected characteristics of the circuitry between nodes. Failures are localized to a small group of components between nodes.

In-circuit testing does not actually operate or functionally test the board. A board can pass in-circuit testing and fail a functional test. In-circuit testing is designed to verify that sub-circuitry meets individual specifications, and that the various interconnections are present. In-circuit testing is very fast and suited for high volume work. Fixtures and software can be very expensive and can cost from ten thousand to over one hundred thousand dollars.