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Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Printed circuit board assembly is just one of Doltronics' core specialties. Our capabilities include surface mount ( SMT ) and thru-hole insertion mounting of components, electronic assembly as well as board level testing services. Our PCB assembly capabilities range from basic thru-hole to highly intricate dense SMT printed cuccuit board assembly.

  • Double-sided and mixed technology assemblies
  • Ball Grid Array (BGA) assembly and repair
  • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) for solder joint evaluation
  • Hand Placement
Support Services:
  • Design assistance for high yield manufacturing
  • Component sourcing with established volume-buying power
  • Custom fixturing and tooling
  • Custom packaging design with customer specific labeling
Surface Mount Technology ( SMT ) Support

Surface mount assembly lines are continuous flow and can process double-sided assemblies containing high I/O fine-pitch and Ball Grid Array packages. Surface mount solder paste deposition and high speed and flexible placement machines are vision guided to provide for the greatest assembly accuracy and solder paste registration. Convection reflow of the product in an inert atmosphere furnace with chilled convection cool-down aids in assuring excellent solder quality and product reliability.

Through Hole Support

Our through-hole assembly has automatic insertion capabilities for axial devices, dual in-line packages (DIPs) and radial style components. Odd-form devices are inserted using semi-automatic, light guided equipment that performs automated parts presentation and variable direction parts clinching. Automatic optical inspection is utilized after wave soldering to verify the integrity of each products solder joints. Automated routing, shearing or card pre-scoring establishes final card size geometry.

Quality Control

Doltronics develops test procedures, hardware, embedded firmware, and complete turn-key test systems for in-circuit, functional, custom and system integration processes. In-circuit test design involves working with circuit boards, schematics and CAD files to develop a test program, test fixture or complete test package.

Functional test design services utilize product performance requirements to develop comprehensive test specifications and plans to ensure completely working units. Applications range from a digital simulation test for simple digital boards to a custom performance test, including commercial equipment and/or custom designed firmware and interfaces for complex applications.

System integration test design involves developing the test strategy that best suits the products, from simple rotation testing to complex dedicated test interfaces.